Meet The Artist

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Halsted Craig Hannah is an American-born visual artist. Educated at the California College of the Arts. His work is shown at galleries and art fairs around the globe. With diverse influences from Caavaggio to Thiebaud. Appreciating the great genius artists from the past and present. He showcases his vision and imagination, from figures, animals and landscapes to architecture. Culling from drawings of models, photographs and his imagination. Striving to make sure each brush stroke has count. Inspiration is drawn from the surrounding environment. An avid outdoor enthusiast inspired by nature. A favorite quote from John Muir, "The universe is a never ending storm of infinite beauty."


A student of both pop-art and classical art, and the vast interceding spectrum. New combinations are generated from traditional and modern dialogues. He endeavors to express a commentary on the human condition while committing to the imaginative evolution of visual artistry. Toward that end, his creative process is linear and complex, with many pieces developing simultaneously. He strives to evolve as an artist who will put forth an enduring impact with his life’s work. 

HC has a successful career as an illustrator and storyboard/concept artist for film, television and corporate, now focusing on fine art, paintings and drawings.